The Love to our land

The smell of  just cut hay and of fresh cheese, are today like once smells of the tradition, which is based on a deep love for the territory and for the animals, which has been characterizing our farm for more than half century. What we seek is a direct relationship between the maker and the consumer, in order to offer to our costumers an old taste of homemade cousine.

The cowshed, the garden, the farmyard

Our farm is mainly characterized by a stock-breeding, which produces milk, meat and cheese, but we also have a farmyard with chikens, ducklings, turkeys, gooses and so on. We also have some pigs and some goats. A flourishing kitchen garden guarantees always fresh fruit and vegetables on our restaurant tables. The great number of animals in our farm doesn’t mean just great meats and cheese, but also a real contact of the customers – especially the children – with the nature, in a didactic settings where you can see closely the old peasant activities, like haymaking and milking.